Sweet Earth Organic German Butter Potatoes 2lbs


German Butter potatoes, also known as Sieglinde, are just as wonderful as they sound. A firm potato with rich buttery flesh, this apple of the earth stores well, bakes well, roasts well, fries well and mashes well. The flavour is unparalleled. 

Sweet Earth Farms plants these babies in late March, hill them twice, weed them twice (ish) and then dig them up for storage in late summer/early fall. They are certified organic and rely on the good dirt of Yarrow to do most of the growing. Their dear old 1962 Massey Ferguson tractor named Charlie, also helps.

Here's to good food for good people.

Sold in 2lb portions, unwashed for a longer shelf life - did you know that washed potatoes typically hold for 1-2 weeks, while unwashed potatoes can last over a year?!

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