Local Food Supply Gift Cards


Give the gift of local food - This is a digital gift card that you can send to family and friends.

What's makes us unique?
  • 100% Local BC Products - committed to supporting the Farms, Artisans and Producers in BC, all year round. Challenging ourselves to find ways to eat local, even when it's not the most convenient. 
  • By Farmers & Foodies... For Farmers & Foodies - we're not a new tech start-up, we're part of the food and farm community, we created this because it's important and we need more ways to connect with local food - because it benefits our farms and food culture, not just a business to make money. 
  • Local Connections and Community - our relationships with Farms, Chefs and the Local Folks that care about this community and food will set us apart from companies like SPUD who just want to expand to new markets. 
  • Experience-Driven - we are not simply a food distribution business, we are a people-driven hospitality business. This simply means that we care about our guests, each interaction and show people how to make the most of these amazing local products, help them to realize the value of these amazing products. 
  • Transparent and Honest about Food Culture - we are learning about the many ways that our food system is broken, we need to share these insights and truths ... expose big-box grocery stores for the practices and norms that customers have never been made aware of, help them better understand where their food comes from.
  • A 'modern' approach to food - we look different, we walk different, we do things differently. We are forging our way forward to a new, modern approach to interact with local food. New, refreshing, necessary. 
We are not a Grocery Store, We are not a Farmer's Market, We are not a Delivery Service.
We are a new, unique way to experience Local Food. 

We are the Local Food Supply Co.
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