Humble + Frank Gluten Free Tequila Lime Cocktail Sauce 250ml


They say great stories start with a shot of Tequila – Humble + Frank agree! That’s why they added, “the works” to their classic Cocktail Sauce: real Tequila, fresh, tart lime juice, and even a pinch of lime zest.

Pull up a glass and pour yourself a shot of Tequila….infused Cocktail Sauce! They're putting the “cocktail” back in our famous sauce with a splash of tequila, lime juice, and zest to bring out the best in their red, ripe San Marzano tomato paste and spices. ¡A comer! (Let’s eat!).

Pair with: Shrimp, oysters, egg omelet, white fish, mozzarella sticks, burgers, veggies.

Ingredients: San Marzano tomato paste, golden cane syrup, filtered water, organic cane sugar, distilled vinegar, freshly grated horseradish root, fresh lime juice, lime puree, fresh lemon juice, tequila spirit, California onion powder, sea salt, citric acid, white pepper, mustard oil, spices, herbs, xanthan gum, natural flavours.

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